Institute of Sociometry, or is, practices and promotes Guerrilla Sociometry. Guerrilla Sociometry is similar in focus to text book sociometry, yet in no way conforms to the rigorous demands of science or mathematics! Instead is deploys Interventionist Art and narrative strategies from ’Pataphysics, Fluxus, Situationism, Neoism, Immediatism, Ontological Anarchy, and Dada Epistimology.

is has accredited 601 special agents in 23 countries. Agents are recruited via post and mailed special agent credentials. Active agents check in with reports, which are published on and submitted on tri-fold displays at the Sociometry Fair.

Since the previous century, The Sociometry Fair has followed the same quadrennial schedule as the summer Olympics, the Presidential nominating conventions, and leap year. is agents present their previous four years of research on tri-fold displays and short motion pictures.

Selected participants from Sociometry Fair 2008 at Co-Prosperity Sphere in Chicago: The Yes Men, The Sticky Institute, QwestVex, How to Homestead, The Museum Mascot, WeDUPT, Cyberhobo, Disposable Thumbs.