IS Special Agent projects and/or enterprises. (In order of appearence) “®TMark is a market-driven system, and we list any project that meets our bottom-line criterion of 'attack without physical injury'... to humans, that is.” “First, deny there is a game. Second, hide the rules from those involved. Third, give them all penalties and no wins. Fourth, remove all goals. Enforce their playing. Inhibit their enjoying. Make them look like but forbid them from being players.” “Walkin’ Jim Stoltz invites you to join him on his 24,000 miles of wilderness walking!” “The GIANT sticker campaign can be explained as an experiment in Phenomenology... Phenomenology attempts to enable people to see clearly something that is right before their eyes but obscured; things that are so taken for granted that they are muted by abstract observation.” “Cacophony Societies are disorganized groups of Klowns, guerrilla artists, kitsch hownds, slackers, and noise makers in search of emperiences beyond the mainstream.” “Joanie 4 Jackie is an alternative distribution system for women moviemakers. Every woman who sends her short film or video to Joanie 4 Jackie receives a Chainletter tape in the mail.” "Performance artist who makes movies, performances, recordings, and combinations of these things." “CyberHobo isn't homeless - he has a home page! WILL WORK FOR FOOD.” “The Center for Land Use Interpretation (CLUI) is a research organization involved in exploring, examining, and understanding land and landscape issues. The Center employs a variety of methods to pursue its mission, engaging in research, classification, extrapolation, and exhibition.” “Artist and activist Jay Critchley's visual, conceptual and performance work has traversed the globe, from his patriotic Old Glory Condom Corporation—Worn with pride Country-wide, and the Blessed Virgin Rubber Goddess—Immaculate Protection, to Miss Tampon Liberty and the Nuclear Recycling Consultants.” "Cheap Tricks and Lowbrow Entertainment." “Created by people from Denver and elsewhere, for people everywhere.” “TheExperiment Network believes that we must constantly be asking ourselves new questions about ourselves and our realities such as who we are, what we do and why we do. While the answers may vary, it is this process of questioning that shapes new ideas and sharpens our view of existing states. As a network we want to push boundaries of where ideas, world views and our consciousness lie.” “Skateboarding vs. Skateboardom.” “A trusted name in records since 2000.” “The California Tour is an itinerant film extravaganza that presents audience based participatory cinema in abandoned and not so abandoned drive-in movie theaters throughout California.” “Welcome to, or something like that. It's brand new, and full of potential.” “The Spread the Word resistance movement began as a call for discernment and action against abuses toward humanity demonstrated by so-called alien entities.” "Come on in and meet Ari Dvorin, the multi-talented, versatile, multi-instrumentalist who plays an integral role in the Boulder, Colorado based bands Cabaret Diosa, The Masters of Zang Fu, and The Latin Jazz All Stars." "The Yes Men have impersonated some of the world's most powerful criminals at conferences , on the web , and on television , in order to correct their identities. They currently have hundreds of thousands of job openings. Sign up today!" "Graphic Designer, Photographer, Artist of Life" "The Echo Park Film Center is a grassroots collective of creative-minded organizers and artists committed to providing equal and affordable access to film and video education and resources to and for those in this historic Los Angeles neighborhood." "Birthed with Urgency, I exist to defend a message; this message survives in the images that I create. I gather metaphors that have built a foundation of work that investigates the stories and myths of women's lives." "site content is a random clustering of ideas, images, links and art project documentation. it is prone to being somewhat enthusiastic about the possibilities of computation in the context of contemporary visual art, minimal techno, family and friends, nyc/tokyo, objects fusing digital and organic elements, apple macintosh, my rubber plant, the sun, purple magazine, glitch textures, akari's stories about growing up in japan, string theory, dandelions, iteration syntax of various programming languages, the visual brain, the writing of michel houellebecq, how cheap disk is becoming, ocean waves, sound waves, ultraviolet radiation, mathematics for aesthetic experience, avacados, and some other stuff i've not yet been introduced to but will soon be." "Singing along with songs you've never heard!" "Welcome to Catherine's spine-tingling, intoxicating, sensational, confections" "Focus balance create.™ Works by Shellie Fiocca" "The Williamsburg Warriors were founded after discovering that most of the kids we knew and partied with here in Williamsburg Brooklyn have no idea what dastardly plans the developers have in store for the waterfront and surrounding terrain." "Work Samples for Busy People" "Opposing octaves, abuse of authority, and the powers of darkness for over 30 years." "PJ Raval is an award winning filmmaker and has been named one of Film Maker Magazine's 25 New Faces of Film in 2006!""Works and [un-] works by Renee O'Drobinak "Megan Sterling is an artist and printmaker from Idaho currently living in Chicago” "Chelsea Tonelli Knight works/text" "Lloyd Dobler Gallery is an apartment space run by Patricia Courson and Rachel Adams." "Party in my Pants reusable mentrual pads. Have you ever thought about revolutionizing your monthly moon cycle?" "I work across painting and sound disciplines through easel painting, painting and sound installation, sound performance and composition." "Space for Short Term Art is a front for artists and curators to work out their ideas in a non-commercial setting." "Disposable Thumbs delivers quality laptop-rock in an easily digestible one-man format. The project is headed by Zach Lewis, a slender young man who appreciates well-timed choreography." "OPEN SPACE was started by Kalene Rivers and Daniel Weise to combine their shared passions for art, culture and design." "This is the online portfolio of Tiana Denine" "GLOBAL YAWNING for a small planet - A NEW DAY IS YAWNING" "‘Sticky’ began with ten artist publications for sale in the Platform office in April 2001. Since then, Sticky has stocked thousands of titles from around Australia and overseas, and has established itself as a nationally and internationally recognised specialty zine and artist book shop." "StoneLake Farm is a unique 21-acre off the grid homestead located in Humboldt County, approximately 60 miles southeast of Arcata, California." "The 'How To Homestead serial' is dedicated to cinematically distilling and disseminating rich folk wisdom and new fangled experiments in 21rst century homesteading." "A curious Collection of Carefully Crafted Comic Strips" "No Coast is a multi-use space and art studio in the Pilsen neighborhood on Chicago's south side." "DON'T LOOK BACK COMRADE, THE OLD WEBSITES ARE BEHIND YOU." "Proximity is a magazine dedicated to contemporary art and culture. Our mission is to amplify discourse on local and global art ecologies."


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