WASP male observed in the field. 09.19.2005
NATURE OF GROUP: Seat mates of said WASP male.
INCIDENCE OF SOCIOMETRY: WASP Male Field Taxonomy : 1 of 2

This agent sat next to sharp featured man in a tweed suit on the Chicago, IL. Brown Line starting at the Damen stop. The subject immediately and consistently made short violent movements with his arms and legs. He attempted to conceal his involuntary reflex actions with gestures such as checking his watch or the placing of his hand on his chin. Fearing that close proximity to the subject was aggravating a social anxiety disorder, this agent moved to an adjacent seat at the first opportunity. At the Southport stop, a relatively conservative looking young WASP lady boarded the train and sat next to the observed WASP male. She was attractive yet not intimidatingly so. Her age and apparent socioeconomic status was in range with, yet slightly below, the subjects. She was, in effect, the ultimate unthreatening seat mate. The subject continued to sporadically jerk about. She relocated to another seat at first opportunity. A large working class Hispanic male took the vacant seat at the Diversity stop. Despite his new seat mates lower socioeconomic status, race, and threatening stature, the observed WASP male’s involuntary reflexes gradually tapered off and he fell asleep. The progression of his behavior led this agent to conclude that his actions were independent of his proximity to others and most likely a result of fatigue or stress.

INDIVIDUAL: WASP male observed in the field 09.26.05
NATURE OF GROUP: Observed WASP male and an associate.
INCIDENCE OF SOCIOMETRY: WASP Male Field Taxonomy : 2 of 2

Both WASP males occupied the sidewalk front of JOS. A. Bank Clothiers on Washington Street during lunchtime in the Chicago Loop. The observed male, a short man with indifferently styled hair and a pockmarked face, rabidly paced back and forth barking into a cellular phone. His associate, a handsome young man with sharp cheek bones accentuated by a goatee stood immobile to his right holding a day planner or portfolio of documents underhanded in the manner of a school girl. Both were wearing expensive suits that at first glance seemed like they could have come from JOS. A. Bank Clothiers. In fact, the men seemed to be an addition to the window display set up in the store. The taller man especially had the look and mannerisms one might attribute to a mannequin.

The observed WASP male abruptly hung up his phone and grunted at the taller man who animated and followed our subject into an adjacent office building. The shorter male was clearly alpha. Despite the taller man’s superior looks and graceful manner the shorter one dominated the relationship. Their interaction led this agent to conclude that, as is the case with male/female relations, looks and style are a hindrance to advancement in WASP male culture.