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NATURE OF GROUP: Bidders in an auction for 1 "Old-School Friendship" on eBay Germany.
INCIDENCE OF SOCIOMETRY: Freundschaft "Alter Schule"

ebay Germany username jaeki has won a competitive seventeen way bid for 1 "Old-School Friendship" with IS Agent Crackles. The winning bid was EUR 96.01, about $113.00 US.

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The item-number is 6603786407.
The item description is: Freundschaft "Alter Schule"

<is> From Agent Crackles’s item descrition. </is>

Don't you wish you had one of those "Old-school friendships" without the hassle of actually having to do anything to maintain the relationship? Are you looking for that "fresh breeze" in your mailbox? Something else besides Pizza Delivery flyers and credit card bills?

In this case, I got something for ya ..

... here's what you get for having me as a friend:

True Friendship, "Old School" Style

Hardly get out of the house last year? Not to mention taking a vacation! Simply too much going on to be able to tend to your circle of friends? Or too lazy to write letters? No stamps on hand? Cell phone broken? No problem! I'm offering you my friendship, old-school style. No spam dating emails. No annoying online chatting. No time-consuming "getting to know each other". No IMs. Our friendship begins on the day this auction ends. You can choose from two friendship options. The friendship "subscription" lasts one year. Included are the following perks:

6 handwritten and individual letters
- at least 2 pages long (return correspondence not obligatory)
- at least 3 photos or drawings
3 handmade vacation postcards
1 birthday present (via mail)
1 Christmas present (via mail)
1 surprise (not a surprise visit)

Correspondence optional in German or English.

You can also choose what kind of friendship we'll have:

1. Friendship Model "Real"
With this option you'll hear from the "real" me.

2. Friendship Model "Surreal"
With this option I'll assume a fictional character. If you choose the "Surreal" option, you can choose how/where we met from the following list:

x School/University
x Travels
x Bar/Disco (Nightlife)
x Fender Bender
x Family
x Health Resort
x Self-Help Group
x Gym

The winner of this auction need not give any personal information other than a postal address (shipment only to the buyer's address registered at eBay) and a birth date (can be fictional). History will write the rest.

Correspondence during our friendship will be strictly via mail. My friendship offer does NOT include sex or dirty talk, NO possibility of a marriage-like relationship, NO phone calls and NO visits. This offer is purely postal.