INDIVIDUAL: Ronnie L. Carter
GROUP SIZE: Undetermined
NATURE OF GROUP: Students named Jessica that attend the University of Colorado, Denver.
INCIDENCE OF SOCIOMETRY: is agent Jessica Regenold received this letter while working in the Voice Communications office at the University of Colorado, Denver. The letter was addressed: ďPlease Deliver to Jessica who appeared on Wheel of Fortune.Ē Though Jessica Regenold never appeared on the show, incoming mail addressed to UCD is first delivered to the building that contains the Voice Communications office, and thus she was an obvious target for delivery.

Note: All quotations are Mr. Carterís, bold type has been substituted for Mr. Carterís underlines. Ex:

April 9, 1999

Dear Jessica,

You don't know me, but it may come as a surprise to you? that I saw you on TVs? "Wheel of Fortune"!! That particular show aired here in Texas at 6:30, as it does every evening. I do hope this letter gets to you A.S.A.P. by some "Miracle"! My name is Ronnie, and the reason I'm trying to reach you is because I fell in love with you the very moment you appeared! You are so beautiful, gorgeous, very attractive and have a wonderful personality!! I just had a "wild idea" to see if I would be able to "reach" you somehow! I'm hoping you don't have a boyfriend or "fiancť," but with your great beauty, you probably do. I have been all alone for so long, and I have no-one in my life at all! My mother passed away July 26th, 1996 and now I live in my house - alone. I am a very decent person, I'm kind, loving, loyal, honest, caring, smart, passionate, easy going, get along well with others, equal sharing and you can trust me 100%!! Several years ago, I lived in Denver, down on Wyandot street, and I moved from there in '79 or '80! There aren't any "decent" women to choose from in this small town, as 85% of the women here go to BARS, and they all smoke and drink!! The rest are married or not my "cup of tea"!! But dear Jessica? you sure are my "cup of tea"!! I just couldn't believe how beautiful you are!! I had to take a chance (one in a million) to contact you to let you know that someone out there is in love with you! Me!! I go to the Methodist Church, my mother raised me as a Methodist. Let me tell you what I look like; I'm 5'7", 152 lbs., blue eyes, blond hair (with a little grey), and my birthday is June 25th! I have enclosed a very recent picture of me in front of my house, keep it if you like! I hope you write to me, if you get this letter somehow, and tell me a little about you. Anyway, life is so short to spend it all alone, and my search for a mate is very difficult indeed!! I haven't been out on a real date in five years, everything I do, everywhere I go, it's always by myself. And that dear Jessica, gets very old after a while! I can't even enjoy going to a movie, or out to eat, because everyone else has someone!! I have a lot of Love to give to a woman, if I could only find the "right" one!! I do know God has a plan for all of us, but when? How long must one wait to be "guided" to him, or her? Am I being "guided" in some strange way to "connect" with you? I suppose your thinking?" Is this guy crazy or what?" Oh, well I just thought it would be a possibility,? but please don't worry, and fear not, I'm not a "nut," I'm just a nice guy who is very lonely, and "looking" for Love. I'm very "picky" and that is why I have no one, and I'm not settling for "second? best" just to have someone and not be alone! I have a nice little house and all I need to complete my life is to have a nice woman who wants to be treated like a queen!! I'm not rich, nor am I "extremely good looking", but I am decent and live right and do right! I am a good hard worker and I'm a good cook and know how to save money. I was hoping you got to be the "big winner", but at least you had a little fun and got some cash.

Jessica, my dear, I'll close out now, in high hopes of you getting this letter. If somehow you do, please write back to me OK? God Bless you and may he guide you to the right way all through life and good fortune!

As ever,

Ronnie L. Carter

- Jessica Who Applealed on Wheel Of Fortune, or any other single ladies who meet Ronnie Carterís rigourous criteria and want to meet a man with a lot of love to give please contact is
for Mr. Carterís postal address.