is current reports : MMVII-MMXVII

This is far from documenting ALL incidents of sociometry as many are specifically designed to waft away into the air upon completion.

INDIVIDUAL: Peter Miles Bergman 
NATURE OF GROUP: Residents of 10 addresses in Freemont, Nebraska and 10 addresses in Newport, Rhode Island, selected at random from a collection of phone books on microfiche, who happened to be home when we showed up at their door

INDIVIDUAL: agent Charlie Vurmin
GROUP SIZE: Approximately 56 million
NATURE OF GROUP: The people of the state of California vs. Charles Twain Clemans AKA Charlie Vurmin
INCIDENCE: Life’s A Joke

INDIVIDUAL: agent Jim Hanson
NATURE OF GROUP: 20 cops, 20 reporters, 12 Klansmen, and 200 protesters
INCIDENCE: Don’t Come ’round Here No More

INDIVIDUAL: Old Glory Condom Corporation – Worn With Pride
Country-Wide, President Jay Critchley
GROUP SIZE: Approximately 100,000
NATURE OF GROUP: The cumulative number of AIDS cases reported in the US in 1989 (as of 2006 the cumulative number of AIDS related deaths is 650,000. Currently, an estimated 11.2 million people are living with HIV/AIDS)
INCIDENCE: Old Glory Condom Corporation and The Valor Project

INDIVIDUAL: IS agent, I. Vamos with D. Mercer
GROUP SIZE: Currently unknown
NATURE OF GROUP: Employees of both Disneyland in Anaheim California, USA and Disneyworld Magic Kingdom in Orange County Florida, USA

INDIVIDUAL: agent Peter Miles Bergman 
NATURE OF GROUP: Owners of Volkswagen white Cabriolet convertibles in the greater San Diego metropolitan area contacted, via form letter, by Peter Miles Bergman over the course of one year
INCIDENCE: Hoisted By My Own Petard

INDIVIDUAL: agent Carrie Galbraith (of SF Cacophony)
GROUP SIZE: Several dozen circa 1995, over 30,000 annually in 2016
NATURE OF GROUP: Adults at play
INCIDENCE: The Cacophony Society (You May Already Be a Member)

INDIVIDUAL: Mike Bonanno of The Yes Men
GROUP SIZE: Several dozen
NATURE OF GROUP: IS agents in San Diego California, circa 1995
INCIDENCE: How and why the IS was and is

INDIVIDUAL: A good neighbor
GROUP SIZE: Undetermined, possibly in the thousands
NATURE OF GROUP: Long-time residents and homeowners, new residents and home owners, real estate agents, investors, developers, architects, city and urban planners, local government officials, demolition crews, contractors and day laborers, local newspaper journalists, and anti-gentrification activists
INCIDENCE: The Good Neighbor’s Lamentation Society

NATURE OF GROUP: A loose confederation of agents; artists, designers, musicians, glaziers, nurses, curators, producers, and teachers taking a break from the soul-crushing reality of 2016 to contribute to and convene for a 20 year running quadrennial DIY fair and avant-garde art spectacle.
INCIDENCE OF SOCIOMETRY: The Smell – Out On The Streets \ is EMANCIPATION \ Sociometry Fair 2016

INDIVIDUAL: Artist overlooked by “art-world” bourgeoisie curatorial elitists, gallery patron snob, and apathetic public numbed by entertainment spectacle.
GROUP SIZE: Apathetic public too vast to conduct census numbers but OAF target of Artopia 2015 held approximate two thousand and five hundred capacity crowd of sell out.
NATURE OF GROUP: Bourgeois elitist and apathetic public too numbed by entertainment spectacle to recognize art of passion and humility even when literal hit on head with it.
INCIDENCE: OAF Obscure Artist Front unite!

INDIVIDUAL: A civic minded grown up with a little bit of panache and a hip sense of style. This could be YOU!
GROUP SIZE: Legions (as of the first day of the drive 2).
NATURE OF GROUP: Irresponsible teens who have left the house without their perfectly good coat and are going to catch their death.
INCIDENCE: coats4TEENS // look cool stay warm

GROUP SIZE: 11 – individuals fronting vast corporations with hundreds if not thousands of additional individuals. This is an estimate due to individuals deploying dummy phone numbers and possibly even aliases.
NATURE OF GROUP: Eddie Mowrer, Hunter Hinson, Seth Taylor, Benjamin Olssen, and a half dozen unidentified agents representing the following corporate entities; Networth Realty, SWT Management, REcolorado, Move Out Move On, We Buy Ugly Houses, and MD Home Acquisitions. This study group is comprised of front men using an off-grid advertising scheme of hand-lettered yard-wicket signs in the west Denver neighborhood of South Highlands (SoHi), even masquerading as local yokels, to offer cash for houses or investment properties for sale, presumably to developers. The property investment corporations behind these men are looking to snatch up cheap single family homes on large lots. Dozens of lots in the study area have been, are being, (or are vacated to eventually be) scraped and replaced with densely packed 500k three-story town houses.
INCIDENCE: #ABATOR #corporate #graffiti #abatement”

INDIVIDUAL: Parking patrons attending a Denver Broncos game
NATURE OF GROUP: IS agents disguised as parking lot attendants
INCIDENCE: Fantasy Football Parking Lot

INDIVIDUAL: West-side tagger in their threatened native habitat
GROUP SIZE: Estimates of up to 20,000
NATURE OF GROUP: New residents in the market for homes starting in the high $400s!!
INCIDENCE: Area of Change

INDIVIDUAL: New York pedestrian on 14th Street between 3rd and 7th avenues on the weekend of October 18th 2013
GROUP SIZE: 2 to 6
NATURE OF GROUP: IS agents asking New York pedestrians to stick their faces into white image reflection boxes during Art In Odd Places 2013
INCIDENCE: Opportunity for Reflection

INDIVIDUAL: agent m[i]le[s]
GROUP SIZE: Pushing 100,000 per day – a wildly speculative estimate based on  35,000 to 45,000 cars per day plus immediate area residents.
NATURE OF GROUP: Car commuters pedestrians, cyclists, people on busses and light-rail, attendees of sporting events and concerts, residents of  “poor and at-risk neighborhoods” Sun Valley, Avondale, and and Cheltenham Heights (aka SoHi) all intersecting at Colfax Avenue and Federal Boulevard in Denver Colorado.

INCIDENCE: This Could Be Here

INDIVIDUAL:  Annette DeMay; Ridgecrest, CA
NATURE OF GROUP:  Various citizens of the Indian Wells Valley—Water Wise Friends group of loosely organized activists; small city and county high-desert residents fighting the competing interests of  the Water District Board representing their customers; individual well owners; small group well owners, small community well sharers, agricultural interests, large chemical company water user, and U.S. Navy well users.
INCIDENCE:  High Desert Water Wars

INDIVIDUAL: The deceptive Grey
GROUP SIZE: 6,974,000,000
NATURE OF GROUP: current era humans of the planet earth

INCIDENCE: STW – the Spread The Word discernment and resistance movement 

INDIVIDUAL: Agent Brian Dick tag-team alternating with Agent Christen Sperry-Garcia
GROUP SIZE: two or three at a time, sometimes up to ten, collectively hundreds over a decade
NATURE OF GROUP: unsuspecting art fans and/or uneasy museum managers
INCIDENCE: The Nation Wide Museum Mascot Project

GROUP SIZE: 677 – possibly thousands
NATURE OF GROUP: People executed by the death penalty world wide in 2001 (Amnesty International) 
INCIDENCE: A Gift For You! 

INDIVIDUAL: IS agent Wendell M. Kling
GROUP SIZE: Looking to grow the ranks
NATURE OF GROUP: Flyers of the black flag
INCIDENCE: Old Black Dickies. New Black Flags.

GROUP SIZE: Approximately 238,035,525
NATURE OF GROUP: English speaking Women of the Earth

INDIVIDUAL: John Q. Public
GROUP SIZE: Estimated in the thousands, actually in the tens
NATURE OF GROUP: Recreate 68 - a group of permitted protestors at the 2008 Denver DNC 

INDIVIDUAL: IS agent Mark Romero-Davis
GROUP SIZE: including my parents?
NATURE OF GROUP: History Revisionists, Body Modifiers, the Vain, the Self-Loathing, the Easily-Manipulated, those who are somewhat interested in noses
INCIDENCE: The Emperor’s New Nose

Approximately 2.1 Billion 
Muslims (through the Shias and more-so Sufis could probably care less.) 
Malcontent #4 – 10 Hottest Prophefits!

INDIVIDUAL: IS Agent F.R. “Russ” Forster
GROUP SIZE: 4.6 million units in 2012 (up 17.7% since 2011) representing (our guess of) 1.6 million consumers
NATURE OF GROUP: indie-hipsters, club-kids, baby-boomers, throw-backs and forward-thinkers
INCIDENCE: Birth, Death And Rebirth In The Analog World

INDIVIDUAL: The urban camper

GROUP SIZE: “386 members of the homeless community … in the first four months since the ‘Urban Camping’ Ban went into effect on May 28, 2012” ~ Occupy Denver 

NATURE OF GROUP: Homeless, hobos, winos, all night binge drinkers, transients and travelers
INCIDENCE: West Denver Urban Preserve and Trail

INDIVIDUAL: Agent Man Made
GROUP SIZE: Under 5.4 /sq mile
NATURE OF GROUP: Wyoming Rough Necks, Cow-Hands, & Pilgrims on Dérive

Citizenry of the U!S!A! 
Vote YOURSELF! We Know How To Do It!

INDIVIDUAL: Agent Janssen
GROUP SIZE: Indeterminate due to their hypothetical nature.
NATURE OF GROUP: The Metro Area Urban Landscaping Award Committee. A theoretical landscaping award granting society.
INCIDENCE: How I Fake Awarded Myself – Some Of My Neighbors Don’t Like My Yard, But Somebody Does (Sort Of).

INDIVIDUAL: Karen Luther Eliot née Karen Luther Blissett Eliot
Bureaucrats of every stripe; Social Security administrators, DMV clerks, bank tellers, investment managers, customer service specialists, insurance agents, human resources professionals, IT techs.,  and postal clerks.

INDIVIDUAL: An audience of one
GROUP SIZE: 25 active agents out of a total 628 agents world wide.
NATURE OF GROUP: The 25 agents constituting the group in this report represent participants and attendees to the IS Fair our quadrennial conclave…
INCIDENCE: iSFair 2O12 InfOcalypse.

INDIVIDUAL: Suburban bus commuter
GROUP SIZE: 205,368
NATURE OF GROUP: Daily bus commuters accessing Denver RTD buses via one of 10,129 active bus stops.
INCIDENCE: This bus stop commandeered by: IS

INDIVIDUAL: is agent Dan Weiss with Kalene Rivers
GROUP SIZE: Large weekend crowds
NATURE OF GROUP:Satisfied Patrons
INCIDENCE: Coney Island Shortcakes

INDIVIDUAL: Unsanctioned users of Denver Parks
GROUP SIZE: Indeterminate due to the transitory nature of the individuals
NATURE OF GROUP: hobos, recreational binge drinkers, graffiti taggers, and off-leash dog-walkers.
INCIDENCE: West Denver Urban Preserve and Trail

INDIVIDUAL: Employee of Qwest corporate headquarters
NATURE OF GROUP: A crack squadron of minimalist sculptors

INDIVIDUAL: One lonely commuter
GROUP SIZE: around 2,500 depending on traffic
NATURE OF GROUP: Other seemingly lonely commuters along the I-25 corridor between Denver and Colorado Springs.
INCIDENCE: Effecting change in American driving culture
Alone in a sea of zombie drivers.

INDIVIDUAL: Agent Vurmin
GROUP SIZE: Approx. 56 Million
NATURE OF GROUP: The people of the state of California Vs. Charles Twain Clemans
INCIDENCE: Life’s a Joke : chapter III

GROUP SIZE: Anything from around 1,000 on up to 10,000,000 +
NATURE OF GROUP: Citizens of towns or cities who fund, through taxation, state, county, or city funded and operated skateboard parks.
INCIDENCE: False Sense of Security

Pro-bono guerilla public relations specialists operating under cover as “The Institute of Sociometry”. 
Correct John Gone

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