OAF Final Report for to IS now is – Institute of Scociometry

#is 2.17.2016 | is Reminiscing to Artopia 2016 and reflecting on the fact that when it comes to IS the terrorists have won…

INDIVIDUAL: Artist overlooked by “art-world” bourgeoisie curatorial elitists, gallery patron snob, and apathetic public numbed by entertainment spectacle.
GROUP SIZE: Apathetic public too vast to conduct census numbers but OAF target of Artopia 2015 held approximate two thousand and five hundred capacity crowd of sell out.
NATURE OF GROUP: Bourgeois elitist and apathetic public too numbed by entertainment spectacle to recognize art of passion and humility even when literal hit on head with it.
INCIDENCE: OAF Obscure Artist Front unite!


See site-blog of OAF for full realization to power of internets!

Event of Artopia rumored to be annual examination of popular art and artist in Denver Colorado of USA but in actual to be vapid spectacle of libation and hollow entertainment! OAF reject bourgeoisie curatorial elitists who select what is art of value to uneducated apathetic public!!

Two month in future of event Artopia, OAF agents (2) band together to attack media of curatorial elite (1) with internets comment, OAF website blog, and flyer on corners with solicitation for obscure artist to unite and submit jpeg art of passion and authenticity to OAF on web portal!

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OAF mission success!

OAF succeed in mission to blast over 1000 mini-canvas of obscure art onto apathetic patrons of Artopia 2015!! We for to lay low in our safe houses for time of being. Will OAF unite again for future to save proletariate numbed by entertainment spectacle!?

Only half of OAF squadron represent here in photo. In future-near we will show photographs shot with professionalism of entire action and mini-canvass blasts!






OAF UNITE! OAF to reign obscure art TONIGHT! Saturday at Artopia

OAF UNTE! OAF to reign thousand of mini-canvas of obscure art from over 100 contributor from bike-pump powered art fetti-cannon tonight at Artopia!

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 9.27.54 AM


OAF spent days cutting limited editions of obscure art mini-canvases from 2″x40″ foot roll of matte exhibition canvas!

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 9.27.38 AM


OAF make 50 button with badge-a-minit kit for to identify ourselves to apathetic patrons and to give as gift to lucky few!

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 9.27.14 AM

OAF roll mini-canvas of obscure art into bandoleers for rapid access! OAF make face-mask bandana for to protect anonymity of special agents.

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 9.27.25 AM


OAF make 7 DIY bike-pump powered air cannon from stainless-steel handrail parts and bike pump valve.

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 7.32.13 PM


OAF unite!!

10 hour to deadline OAF uploader gets hammered

OAF is warmed of heart for to exceed challenge goal with dozens submissions from ten Obscure Artists with the 24 hours of deadline left to submit – midnight Day of Valentine deadline!!

Too much work to show all but one from each new round: Morgan Murphy, Matt Mondragon, anonymous, Rolondo Montoban, Jonnie Ramirez, Bzurk, Beth Secor, Mario Torero, Jeremy Rathbone, anonymous (thinks David Lemmo), and other anonymous (thinks Alex Odnoralov?). Too see ALL art blasted from art-fetti cannon come to Artopia next Saturday!








Art_of_Jeremy_Rathbone_7762_2015-02-08 Mario_Torero_and_his_trans-ethnic_Latino_art_7404_2015-02-08


Mario_Torero_and_his_trans-ethnic_Latino_art_7404_2015-02-08 Art_of_Jeremy_Rathbone_7762_2015-02-08 image_4839_2015-02-08

OAF reaching close to challenge goal!

OAF salutes many comrade obscure artists for to help reach goal of 111 submissions by day of Valentine! Thanks for to Tamara Johnson for upload of still-life photo of poignancy, David Lemmo for cos-play fashion design pictures, and special agent Les Baker V for eight face-melting digital collages and apocalyptic gas mask photos! Help OAF reach goal of challenge by upload at Submit to OAF tab!

All submissions will be reproduced with professionalism on 2x3in canvas and blasted from DIY bike pump powered art-fetti cannons at Artopia 2015!


Tamara Johnson
Time-Travelers’ Potlatch by Tamara Johnson.

Dynamic Trio by David Lemmo

Ebola by Les Baker V

Theater by Les Baker V

Psychonautsm by Les Baker V

Popculture by Les Baker V

Evolutionsm by Les Baker V

To see all eight submission by Speicial Agent Les Baker V attend Artopia 2015!

OAF rejects curatorial alignment of styles!

OAF rejects curatorial alignment of artists into commodity style for entertainment spectacle. OAF to reproduce all submissions on mini-canvas for to blast out of art-fetti cannon at Artopia.

Example juxtaposition of range of work with submissions of day: placenta prints by comrade Bertha Sangre and lizard alien comics from comrade David Lemmo. To see all submissions blast from art-fetti cannon attend Artopia 2015!


by David Lemmo


by David Lemmo


Sleeping Baby by Bertha Sangre


Girl with Braids by Bertha Sangre


 Cowgirl with Lasso by Bertha Sangre


Hungry Ghost by Bertha Sangre

OAF receives submission from The Cone Cutter

OAF has long admired obscure toil and proletarian work product of Frank Kwiatkowski and his masterful prints from traffic cone engravings. Very pleased in finding upload from The Cone Cutter in dropbox this morning!

Artists! Submit your print, drawing, photo, collage, painting, picture of sculpture, digital work or any other artwork at Submit to OAF tab at right for included in barrage of mini-canvases to rain down on apathetic patrons at Artopia 2015!