is what it is

Institute of Sociometry or is practices and promotes guerrilla sociometry. As the term implies, guerrilla sociometry is similar in focus to text book sociometry, yet in no way conforms to the rigorous demands of science or mathematics!

Instead is deploys strategies from:
Ontological Anarchy, and Dada Epistimology.

is has accredited 601 special agents in 23 countries. Agents are recruited via post. Active is agents check in with reports, which are published here, and submitted on tri-fold displays at the quadrennial Sociometry Fair. Sociometry Fair 2016 is EMANCIPATION will celebrate is at 21 and will be held on the weekend of 11/11/16 in Los Angeles California. See a selection of projects from iSFair 2O12 San Francisco and current reports for an index of iSFair 2O12 and Sociometry Fair 2008 Chicago reports. See All is archived reports : IXICV-MMVII for reports from Sociometry Fair 2004 Las Vegas, Sociometry Fair 2000 Denver, and Sociometry Fair 1996 San Diego.

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